Is E904 Halal Or Haram? – What Is E904 Food Additive?

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In the food industry, the term ‘E904’ might sound like a secret code, but in reality, it’s a commonly used food additive. Also known as shellac, E904 is widely used for its glazing properties. In today’s health-conscious world, many people are concerned about what they consume. This includes people following halal, vegan, and gluten-free diets. … Read more

Is E450 Halal or Haram? – What Is E450 In Food?

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In our quest to understand the various additives and ingredients present in the modern food industry, another mysterious code emerges: E450. Widely known as the Phosphates family, these are commonly used in various foods. As we’ve previously navigated through E250, let’s now explore E450 in detail, focusing on its presence in the food industry and … Read more

Is E471 Halal? – What Is E471?

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As we delve into the world of food additives and labeling, it’s important to keep in mind that what goes into our food can often be as significant as the food itself. For those adhering to specific dietary guidelines – such as Halal, vegan, or gluten-free – this can be particularly crucial. In this article, … Read more

Is E442 Halal? – What Is E442?

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Dive with me into the realm of food additives! E442, not as commonly discussed as some others, is still a relevant player in the food industry. The world of food ingredients can be a maze, but knowing what’s in our food is crucial for many, especially when we consider specific dietary needs like Halal, vegan, … Read more

Is E414 Halal? – What Is E414?

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With an increasing awareness of food content, consumers are taking a closer look at the fine print of food packaging, prompting curiosity about certain ingredients. One of these ingredients is E414, also known as Acacia Gum or Arabic Gum. Let’s dive deep into the world of E414 and discover whether it aligns with various dietary … Read more

Is E330 Halal? – What Is E330?

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Amidst the vast universe of food ingredients, there’s a constellation of additives, each with its distinct characteristics and purposes. Today, let’s dive deep into one such star: E330. As with any ingredient, understanding its properties and origins can help us make informed dietary choices, especially for those who adhere to Halal, vegan, or gluten-free diets. … Read more