Is E904 Halal or Haram? Is it Vegan & Vegetarian?

Like most people, you probably think of e904 as a harmless food additive. However, in some cases, you may be unaware that it may have come from a haram source or derived from a non-vegan source. So, Is E904 Halal or Haram? Is it Vegan & Vegetarian? Let’s take a closer look.

About e904 & its source

E904 is a resin produced by the female lac bug (haram, as we all know) and is also known as “shellac.” It is used as a food coating and additive in various products, including candy, chocolate, and supplements, to prevent spoilage and keep food fresh for longer. While E904 is considered safe for human consumption by the FDA, some religious groups believe it is forbidden.

E904 comes from the Lac insect, which is native to Asia. The female Lac bug secretes a resin to protect her eggs from predators. This resin is harvested and then processed to create E904.

Is E904 Halal or Haram? Here’s the answer

The analogy of bee honey doesn’t apply to E904. Female lac bug secretion is not permissible for Muslims since consuming insects is haram, let alone their secretion. Also, it presence a trace amount of alcohol.

Shellac contains only trace amounts of alcohol (less than 0.5%). Indeed, trace amounts are not enough to make it haram. But generally, they have alcohol. So, the answer is NO, e904 is halal and unsuitable for Muslims.

Is E904 Vegan and Vegetarian?

Unfortunately, E90 is not vegan or vegetarian since it is sourced from Female lac Bug secretion. The same analogy of bee honey applies to this case because vegans & vegetarians can not consume any derived animals or insect by-products.

Final Thought

Muslims who are looking for halal food additives should avoid e904. This additive is made from insect secretions and is not permissible for Muslims to consume. Therefore, the rule of honey bees doesn’t apply to this secretion. Also, E904 is not Vegan or Vegetarian.

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