Hi! I’m Kane WALKER.

I Believe Vegetarian is not only about how it tastes but who you protect yourself with

I intended to build a location where individuals could:

Learn more about the vegan lifestyle, which focuses on doing as little harm as possible to people, animals, and the environment.

Find out how to implement it in a healthy way.

Find simple, convenient, and healthy vegan meals to get you started on your own path.

Learn practical methods for overcoming any eventual mental, emotional, or physical challenges.

Learn more about me (you’ll see that I love to sing) and let’s change the world together!

How It Happened

I followed the “normal-standard” path that society expects of us as teenagers and young adults: graduating from high school with honors, giving back to the community, and starting my academic studies right away (nerd-Ville, I know). When they were finished, I found a position swiftly and effectively to begin my “booming career” as a young hearing, speech, and language pathologist. By that time, I had come to the realization that I was merely following a society-created automated “check-list,” which made me feel trapped and lost. I made the decision to stop doing everything and get ready for my next travel experience. Berlin is the first stop.

Berlin was a great place to try new things and be me. For at least a year, I had considered going vegan and had tried to do so. Still, I hadn’t exactly figured out how to do it successfully due to my inability to commit and temptations during family events, etc. It helped me get in my zone and realize that it’s not just about my own freedom—all living things deserve their freedom—to be in such a welcoming, loving, and understanding city and to meet beautiful people.

Ta-dam! Being vegan suddenly felt so natural once that realization set in. I gradually taught myself to eat healthfully by experimenting with whole food, plant-based, vegan diet in order to nurture my body and soul. I experimented with many variations of it and even tried the raw food diet and a high-carb diet before I arrived at my current daily nutrition routine, which is healthy, balanced, and sustainable. This routine makes me happy, has helped me heal a number of persistent health issues, and has me performing at my best physically.

A committed, lifelong finding vegan friends was the next adventure. So I did, and I found Smith, my best friend a fellow vegan who shares my philosophy of life.