Is Pure Leaf Tea Vegan and Gluten-free?

Some well-known tea brands may be the most commonly used, but many unknown brands are excellent and may serve your dietary needs. 

As a vegan, I was looking for plant-based tea and accidentally found Pure Leaf Tea. While on their website, I was looking for an answer, whether it is vegan and gluten-free.

About Pure Leaf Tea & Its ingredients

Pure Leaf Tea is a tea brand produced by a partnership of two leading beverage companies, PepsiCo and Unilever, and tea is sold worldwide.

Pure Leaf carefully crafts and blends its tea using plant-based and high-quality ingredients to create a healthy & tasty beverage. The flavors and varieties include traditional black tea, green tea, and herbal infusions.

Is Pure Leaf Tea Vegan?

Pure Leaf tea may contain animal products but has vast vegan flavors. To answer our main question, we should review the three cases. 

1- Strictly Vegan Flavors 

In the first case, I will list all vegan flavors that are made only with ingredients that are free from any animal source, including:

  • Unsweetened Black Tea 
  • Unsweetened Black Tea with Lemon  
  • Diet Lemon Tea 
  • Diet Peach Tea 
  • Unsweetened Mango Hibiscus Herbal Tea  
  • Unsweetened Cold Brew Black Tea 
  • Fuji Apple & Ginger Organic Green Tea   
  • Sicilian Lemon & Honeysuckle Organic Black Tea  

2- Vegan Flavors made with Sugar

The second case is for the flavors made with Sugar, often filtered with bone char. This grey ingredient is allowed by the majority of vegans. But strict vegans do not consume it. The flavors include:

  • Sweet Tea 
  • Green Tea
  • Extra Sweet
  • Lemon Tea
  • Raspberry Tea
  • Peach Tea
  • Tea & Lemonade 
  • Hibiscus Lemonade 
  • Slightly Sweet Cold Brew Black Tea
  • Slightly Sweet Tropical Mango Cold Brew Tea
  • Cold Brew Black Tea with Crisp Lemon
  • Subtly Sweet Lemon 
  • Subtly Sweet Peach
  • Subtly Sweet

3- Non-Vegan Flavors

The flavor that is considered non-vegan is Honey Green Tea. It is made using derived animal ingredients, honey Bees.

Is Pure Leaf Tea Gluten Free?

Yes, Pure Leaf tea is gluten-free. The naturally gluten-free tea leaves used in Pure Leaf tea do not contain any trace of gluten. In addition, the facility that produces Pure Leaf tea does not handle gluten ingredients, making it a good choice for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Final Thought

Pure Leaf Tea is Indeed Gluten-Free and has some vegan flavors, but some contain derived animals and some grey area ingredients.


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