Are Funables Fruit Snacks Vegan and Gluten-Free?

People who follow a vegan lifestyle often seek out snacks that don’t harm animals. They may wonder if Funables Fruit Snacks are suitable for them, especially if they have gluten intolerance.

In this blog post, we will examine whether Funables Fruit Snacks are vegan-friendly, as they are a popular treat.

Are Funables Fruit Snacks Vegan?

The answer is NO, 100%. All flavors of Funables Fruit Snacks are made using gelatin, which is not allowed on a vegan diet. As we all know, gelatin is a protein usually obtained from cows or pigs (animal byproducts). Therefore, Funables are unsuitable for vegans since they contain a derived animal component: gelatin.

Are Funables Fruit Snacks Gluten-Free?

Yes, Funables are gluten-free. According to the Funables website, their candies are certified gluten-free and handled in a facility that is free from gluten & its derivatives. So, you’re on the safe side when consuming Funables Fruit Snacks.

Final Thought

Funables Fruit Snacks are not vegan because they contain gelatin, a protein derived from animals. However, they are gluten-free and certified as such, making them safe for people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

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