Are Cadbury Creme Eggs Gluten Free?

Cadbury’s varieties are sure to be a perfect choice whether you’re looking for flavored milk chocolate or something more adventurous like egg chocolate.

However, if you have gluten sensitivity, you may wonder whether these products can be included in your diet. This blog post will uncover all the Cadbury Egg varieties, including Creme eggs.

About Cadbury Creme Eggs & Ingredients

Cadbury Creme Egg is a chocolate confectionery manufactured by Cadbury, shaped like an egg, and is a popular Easter treat, but it also can be enjoyed during the year!

These eggs are made using the following ingredients:

Are They Gluten Free?

The answer is yes. Creme Eggs are free from any gluten-containing ingredients, which means they are gluten-free. Additionally, the facility has confirmed that they are made in a separate facility that does not handle gluten components.

Therefore, Creme Eggs are a good choice if you have a severe gluten or celiac disease allergy.

Final Thought

Indeed, Creme Eggs are gluten-free. Also, the facility doesn’t handle gluten ingredients.

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