Is Cadbury Chocolate Gluten Free? Fully Explained

Cadbury offers a wide range of chocolate products to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a classic bar of dairy milk chocolate or something more adventurous like a Flake bar with caramel, a Cadbury product is sure to be perfect. But if you have gluten sensitivity, you may wonder, “Is Cadbury Chocolate Gluten Free?

Here’s a look at the ingredients in Cadbury chocolate and whether the chocolate is gluten-free or not.

About Cadbury Chocolate & Ingredients

Cadbury is a world-renowned chocolate company founded in the United Kingdom in 1824. The company is best known for its dairy milk chocolate. Today, Cadbury produces a wide range of chocolate products.

The critical ingredient in Cadbury chocolate is cocoa butter, which is derived from cocoa beans. Other components include milk, sugar, and flavorings. All of these ingredients are natural and do not contain any gluten-containing grains. As such, people with gluten sensitivities or allergies can enjoy Cadbury chocolate.

Now let’s answer our main question!

Is Cadbury Chocolate Gluten Free? Here’s the answer

The answer is YES & NO. This means that there is an extensive product list that Cadbury offers to people with gluten sensitivity. And other Cadbury chocolates that need to be avoided.

So, if you have a severe allergy to gluten or celiac disease, then you should avoid the following Cadbury chocolates:

  • Cadbury Bournville.
  • Cadbury big taste.
  • Dairy milk plain bars.
  • Dairy milk caramel.
  • Cadbury whole nut.
  • Picnic bites.
  • Crunchy bites.
  • Oreo bites.
  • Dairy milk little bar.
  • Dairy milk Freddo bars.
  • Dairy milk,
  • Daim,
  • Fruit and nut,
  • Choco latte,
  • Medley,
  • Oreo,
  • Marvellous creations,
  • Tiffin.

If you have a milder sensitivity or intolerance, then you may be able to enjoy small amounts of the following Cadbury Chocolate:

  • Cadbury drinking chocolate.
  • Twirls.
  • Chomp bars.
  • Freddo faces.
  • Mini eggs.
  • Turkish delights.
  • Flakes.
  • Dark milk.
  • Curly wurly.
  • Caramel nibbles.
  • Wispas.
  • Cadbury highlights milk chocolate drink.
  • Caramel nibbles.
  • Buttons and white buttons.
  • Cadburys milk tray.
  • Eclairs.
  • Roses.
  • Fudge and fudge minis.

Another thing to remember is that most Cadbury products are manufactured in facilities that also process wheat-based products. Which means there is a risk of cross-contamination.

However, Cadbury minimizes this risk by cleaning and sanitizing all equipment between production runs.

Final Thought

It’s essential to remember that each person’s sensitivity to gluten tends to vary. Even though Cadbury chocolate has flavors made in a facility that handles the gluten components, it does not necessarily follow that those with celiac disease or a severe gluten allergy cannot consume it. I have mentioned above a list that will make you safe while consuming them.

My advice, as always, is to speak with your doctor or dietician before consuming any food containing traces of gluten if you are concerned about ingesting any amount of the protein.

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