Are Good and Plenty Candy Gluten Free & Vegan?

If you’re a fan of good and plenty candy fruit, you might have some questions regarding whether this fruity candy is gluten-free & vegan. Many people following a vegan & gluten-free diet are wondering if good and plenty candy fits their dietary restrictions or not

In this blog post, I will check good and plenty candy ingredients to determine whether they are vegan & Gluten free to not. Let’s find out!

About Good and Plenty Candy & Its Ingredients

Good and Plenty is a licorice candy brand well-known worldwide for the capsule-shaped narrow cylinder of sweet black licorice coated in a hard candy shell. 

Good and Plenty made this candy out of licorice, wheat flour, gum, corn, salt, confectioner’s glaze, carnauba wax, artificial & natural flavors, and sugar. There is some concern about some ingredients. Read more!

Are Good and Plenty Candy Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately, Good and Plenty contain the gluten ingredient wheat flour and this may trigger symptoms in those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Therefore it is best to avoid this candy if you want to be on the safe side.

Are Good and Plenty Candy Vegan?

The answer is NO. Good and Plenty contain animal-derived ingredients “caramel color and confectioner’s glaze (sourced from insects)” which make them unsuitable for vegans. It is important to note that vegans cannot consume animal by-products.

So, as a vegan you need to avoid this candy.

Final Thought

Indeed, Good and Plenty Candy are not vegan nor safe for people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.


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