Is Calamari Gluten Free?

If you’re wondering whether Calamari is gluten-free, the answer depends on the ingredients used to make it. Calamari can be prepared in various ways, such as grilled, fried, or sautéed, and is often served with a dipping sauce such as aioli or marinara.

The ingredients for preparing calamari may vary but are commonly made with

  • Fresh or frozen squid (calamari)
  • Flour or cornmeal for breading
  • Salt and pepper for seasoning
  • Oil for frying or grilling
  • Lemon wedges for serving
  • Dipping sauce such as marinara, aioli, or tartar sauce

Is It Gluten Free?

The answer is almost NO. since all restaurants use all-purpose flour, a gluten-containing ingredient. They may also use enhanced flavorings or spices, and breadcrumbs contain gluten. So, asking the restaurant if they have gluten-free alternatives instead of the one made with wheat is better.

Final Thought

The answer is NO. Most restaurants & Brands use gluten-containing flour.

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