Are Chips Ahoy Halal? Cookies Original, Mini, Chewy, Chunky, Chocolate, Candy Blast

If you’re a fan of cookies, you may have come across Chips Ahoy since it is well-known, and you’re here wondering if they suit you. 

As many have concerns about the ingredients and the production process, we need to know if they are free from any forbidden components to see if they can be included in a halal diet.

In this blog post, we’ll check the ingredients in Chips Ahoy to see if they contain some forbidden by-products, and then we can answer our main question. 

About Chips Ahoy Cookies and Their Ingredients

Chips Ahoy is a brand of cookie made by Nabisco, and it is come in lovely flavors, including original, soft, chunky, chocolate, and chewy

These cookies are made using a blend of flour, sweetness (Sugar & HFSC), Oils, Cocoa, Milk, Soy, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Vitamins, Minerals, and Colors.

As you can see, no forbidden ingredients are listed on the label, even though the answer may surprise you!!!!

Are Chips Ahoy Halal?

At first time you may see that Chips Ahoy doesn’t contain any impermissible ingredients, But fortunately, it is not certified halal. 

Chips Ahoy uses Lard instead of butter to add rich, buttery flavor and texture. Additionally, it is inexpensive and helps to reduce costs. Which means that they are unsuitable for Muslims

You may ask why it is not listed on the label of the ingredients. If you recheck the components section, you will find ingredients called Natural Flavors. These components are derived from biological sources such as meat & fat. So, the answer is that Lard is hidden in the natural flavoring.

Is It Vegetarian?

Unfortunately, Chips Ahoy is unsuitable for vegetarians because it is made using fat Pigs called Lard. as all we know, vegetarians can’t consume meat and its derivatives.

Is It Kosher?

The answer is no. These cookies are not kosher because they are made using Pigs by-product, which is Lard.

Final Thought

Indeed, Chips Ahoy Cookies are unsuitable for Muslims, Vegans, Koshers, and Vegetarians, and they contain Lard Pig by-products.

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