Are Blow Pops Halal or Haram? Fully Explained

If you wondering “Are Blow Pops halal or Haram?”. So, you’re in the right place. this a frequently asked question because Blow Pops are well-known lollipops with bubble gum centers surrounded by a hard candy shell.

Blow Pops are available in a variety of great-tasting flavors that include Cherry, Strawberry, Grape, Watermelon, Sour Apple, Blue Razz Berry, Cherry, Black Cherry, What A Melon, Kiwi Berry Blast, Black Ice, Blueberry, Crazzberry, Tropicalberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Blue Razz which is the most popular.

The Blow Pops Common ingredients are: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Gum Base, Citric Acid, Starch, Artificial Flavors, Glycerin, Artificial Colors (including FD&C Red 40, FD&C Blue 1), Turmeric Coloring, BHT added as a preservative.

So, Are Blow Pops Halal? The answer is NO

Blow Pops are not halal they have one questionable ingredient which is Glycerin which can be sourced from vegetables & animal fat. but the most common are animal fats (Pigs Fat).

According to Alchariaa, Muslims need to avoid any questionable ingredients that might come from a haram source.

So, Blow Pops are not halal & not suitable for Muslims.

Final Thought

Blow Pops contain Glycerin which can be sourced from fat pigs. so, is not allowed on a halal diet. and are haram and not suitable for Muslims


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