Are Alexia Fries Gluten Free?

Many stereotypes surround fries and their dietary requirements, especially the new trending brand, Alexia Fries. Some assume that this brand doesn’t cater to those with gluten sensitivity, while others say that it fits their dietary needs. So who is right?

In this article, I will examine this brand’s fry varieties and their ingredients to determine whether they can be included in a gluten-free diet.

About Alexia Fries & Its Ingredients

Alexia Fries are slices of potatoes that are preheated and air fried, then mixed with a blend of spices and herbs and added salt. They are a popular snack and side dish worldwide, often served with burgers and sandwiches.

These fries are available in various varieties: sweet potatoes, organic, creatively crafted, smart classics, and premium vegetable sides. Each variety contains considerable flavors that are seasoned to differentiate the taste.

The ingredients used to make Alexia fries vary depending on each flavor, but almost always include these common ingredients: potatoes or sweet potatoes, vegetable oil, sea salt, apple juice concentrate, and citric acid.

Are Alexia Fries Gluten Free?

Absolutely! The answer is 100% YES. All flavors of Alexia Fries are gluten-free. They are free from any gluten-containing ingredients. Additionally, the facility doesn’t handle gluten ingredients, making them suitable for those following a gluten-free diet.

Final Thought

Indeed, Alexia Fries, including sweet potatoes, organic, creatively crafted, smart classics, and premium vegetable sides, are gluten-free.

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