Are Kool Aid Jammers, Jello, Gum, Bursts, Gels Vegan and Gluten Free?

Kool Aid is a well-known type of fruit drink especially among children since they are free from artificial sweeteners & Low in calories. Which makes them a great snack to help parents to maintain children’s health. 

However, many are asking whether Kool Aid meets its dietary restrictions. That’s why I’m here!!

In this blog post, we will check together Kool Aid Jammers, Grape, Jello, Popping Candy, Gum, Bursts, Liquid and Gels ingredients, and we gonna see if they are vegan.

About Kool Aid & Their Ingredients

Kool Aid is a fruit-flavored beverage made & owned by the Kraft Heinz Company and has 10 flavors and comes in individual pouches. 

The Commonly used ingredients in Kool Aid are water, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural & artificial flavors, and food coloring.

Are Kool Aid Jammers, Grape, Jello, Gum, Bursts, and Gels Vegan?

Except for Popping Candy which contains Milk, the answer will be YES. All other kool Aid varieties are considered vegan since they don’t contain any derived animal ingredients. even they have Red 40 color because it is made synthetically including Jammers, Liquid, Grape, Jello, Popping Candy, Gum, Bursts, and Gels. 

Note well: that some vegans may avoid consuming sugar since it is often filtered with bone char so it depends on how you see Natural sugar and how you define veganism. The happy news is that all vegans allow consuming sugar except for strict vegans.

Additionally All flavors are also considered vegans including Cherry, Grape, Sharkleberry, Peach Mango, Watermelon, Orange, Tropical Punch, Ghoul-Aid Scary Berry, Blue Raspberry, and Kiwi. 

Are Kool Aid Jammers, Grape, Jello, Gum, Bursts, and Gels Gluten Free?

The answer without Further ado is YES. Kool Aid Jammers, Grape, Jello, Popping Candy, Gum, Bursts, and Gels are gluten free.

Additionally, Kool Aid mentioned on its website that all products are free from any allergic ingredients. 

So, your children should be safe if they are suffering from celiac disease, Kool Aid safe for them and a great option for children that are looking for gluten free snacks. But you need to be aware that it contains a high amount of sugar that may cause some health issues.

Final Thought

Except for Popping Candy which is not vegan, Kool Aid Jammers, Grape, Jello, Gum, Bursts, and Gels are indeed Vegan and Gluten Free.


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