Are Jammie Dodgers Vegan, Halal, Gluten Free, Or Vegetarian?

Are Jammie Dodgers Vegan? I get quite often this question since Jammie Dodgers is the most popular children’s sweet biscuit brand in the UK.

The popularity of Jammie Dodgers arrived also in adults, some studies and statistics said that more than 40% of adults consume Jammie Dodgers Biscuits.

That is why the vegan society wondering if they can consume them too. In this article, I will be in charge to answer this question, and other related questions like whether are vegetarian, Halal, or Gluten-free.

Without further ado let’s start by listing Jammie Dodgers flavors:

  • Jammie Dodgers Original Raspberry
  • Jammie Dodgers Minis
  • Jammie Dodgers Magical Strawberry
  • Jammie Dodgers Gooey Apple
  • Jammie Dodgers Cherry Burst
  • Choccie Dodgers
  • Choccie Dodgers Minis
  • Jammie Dodgers Cola Bottle

Before answering Are Jammy Dodgers Vegan? Let’s get a clear Vision and see what are Jammie Dodgers ingredients. I made a PDF that contains the Jammies Dodgers Flavors & Ingredients List

Are Jammie Dodgers Vegan? Explained

Are Jammie Dodgers Vegan? The answer is YES, Jammie Dodgers are vegan-friendly since they don’t contain any Strictly derived animal ingredients which makes them suitable for vegans.

Before 2018 Jammie Dodgers were unsuitable for vegans since they contain Milk, but up to the start of 2018, Jammie Dodgers decide to remove the dairy product.

They were thinking about people allergic to Lactose or milk generally, Now is free from dairy and any strict animal by-products.

The good news is that Jammies Dodgers are made in a facility that doesn’t handle dairy means produce on a separate production line.

So, Jammie Dodgers are vegan-friendly and dairy free.

Don’t forget my advice, please check any product label to be sure of the ingredients that you will take.

Are Jammie Dodgers Halal?

The answer without further ado is YES, Jammie Dodgers are 100% halal since doesn’t have any haram ingredients or any animal by-product which make it suitable for Muslims & Halal Diet

So, as a Muslim Feel free to have any Jammie Dodgers flavors.

Are Jammie Dodgers Gluten Free?

Unfortunately, Jammie Dodgers Contain Wheat Flour, as we all know it’s a high gluten ingredient. Jammie Dodgers always list the allergen’s information on Jammie Dodgers labels that contain wheat.  So, it is a confirmation that their products can’t serve people allergic to gluten.

Indeed, Jammie Dodgers flavors are unsuitable & unsafe for people that are following a Gluten-free diet.

Are Jammie Dodgers Vegetarian?

The answer Is 100% YES, Jammie Dodgers are vegetarian since doesn’t contain any traces of meat or its by-products which make them suitable for a vegetarian diet.


Indeed, Jammie Dodgers Halal, Vegan, Vegetarian, Contains gluten.


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