Pollo Tropical Vegan Wrap and TropiChop Bowls Are Delicious (ft. Beyond Meat)

Pollo Tropical Vegan Wrap and TropiChop Bowls Are Delicious (ft. Beyond Meat)

Pollo Tropical, a Florida-based fast-food chain specializing in Caribbean cuisine, has teamed up with Beyond Meat to add two new vegan offerings to the menu.

The new menu items are the Vegan Wrap and the Tropichop bowl with plant-based meat company, Beyond Meat. You also have the option of choosing a regular or large-sized TropiChop bowl.

Pollo Tropical Vegan Wrap

Pollo Tropical’s Vegan Wrap is loaded with delicious Beyond meat picadillo.

For about $5, the Pollo Tropical vegan wraps also include beans, plantains, white or brown rice, and the tortilla. This is one of the cheapest fast food vegan meals I’ve seen, at least in South Florida where I live.

Pollo Tropical partnered + with Beyond Meat, and they launched a new Vegan Tropichop and new Vegan friendly Wrap picadillo made with Beyond Meat.

The Vegan Tropichop will be your best choice made of 

  • white or brown rice,
  • black beans, and
  • picadillo made with Beyond Beef.

They put TWO plantains in the vegan wrap (see above pics) that kind of puts the flavors on a whole other level.

Vegan wrap with plantains
Vegan wrap with plantains

You can basically expect to have a party in your mouth. It’s so good!

Pollo Tropical TripoChop

For under $9, choose a regular ($5.39) or large ($7.69) sized TropiChop bowl and add Beyond Meat ($0.50 extra) as the protein.

Pollo Tropical Vegan TropiChop Bowl
Pollo Tropical Vegan TropiChop Bowl

From my experience, the TropiChop bowls are generously packed with the goods you could get away with having a satisfying meal for cheap here, too.

Pollo Tropical’s Vegan Wrap and TropiChop Bowls Are Delicious

When I saw that Pollo Tropical and Beyond Meat teamed up to put some vegan items on the menu, I nearly lost it.

The first month I realized this was a thing, I ate at Pollo Tropical like six times … at three different locations. True store.

It was so good I had to keep checking to see if it was still as good as I thought it was, ha!