Parlour Vegan Bakery Italian Sandwich – Ingredients, Price, and Availability

Parlour Vegan Bakery has two locations in South Florida, one in Boca Raton and one in Plantation.

They are a completely vegan eatery so when browsing the menu. You won’t have to lurk for the ingredients for animal products.

On their all-vegan menu, you can find coffee, doughnuts, empanadas, pizza rolls, sandwiches, and more! Side note: everything I’ve tried there has been delicious.

Today, we will look at one of their sandwich offerings: the Italian sandwich.

The Parlour Vegan Italian Sandwich


This ridiculously delicious vegan Italian sandwich is oven-baked and comes with “ham”, provolone “cheese”, marinated sun-dried tomatoes, pickled artichokes, spinach & pesto and is served on a baguette. It’s served wrapped in paper packaging sealed with a Parlour sticker.

parlour vegan bakery italian sandwich
Parlour Vegan Bakery Italian Sandwich - Ingredients, Price, and Availability 4

The sandwich itself is cut into two halves making it easier to eat. Most days when I get the Italian, I save half for later.

parlour vegan bakery italian sandwich 1
Parlour Vegan Bakery Italian Sandwich - Ingredients, Price, and Availability 5

All of the ingredients that go into this sandwich (and the baguette bread) are fresh and delicious. Even the artichoke, which I’ve never really cared for.

The baguette is light and crunchy, thanks to the sandwich being finished in the oven. And the savory “ham” and sharp provolone “cheese” are packed with flavor and texture.

The marinated sun-dried tomatoes are mildly sweet and have a bit of chew. And the pickled artichokes are light yet filling and tasty. All of these ingredients are tucked inside a baguette with pesto sauce.


And the sandwich is prepared so you’ll get a little bit of everything in each bite.

I’ve eaten maybe over 10 of these sandwiches since I started going to Parlour, and every time I’ve gotten the Italian, it’s always been consistent in terms of the generous portions and the way it was prepared.

Consistency is something I’ve come to appreciate when ordering food. I enjoy knowing that I’ll get exactly what I paid for. Do you know what I mean?

The folks at Parlour next forget an ingredient, always serve about the same amount, and it tastes amazing every time.

Italian Sandwich Price

Currently, the Italian sandwich is priced at $13.95 as of March 2021.

As a frugal human, I initially thought this was a little pricey. Then I factored in the freshness and quality of ingredients, how it’s prepared to order, and the fact that it even exists.

Now, I don’t know what profit margins they’re making per sandwich, but I’m happy to support Parlour and hope that they continue to be able to offer amazing sandwiches like this for as long as possible.


Sandwiches from Parlour are only served from 11 AM – 3 PM.

Patrons can place an order online, call it in, or order on location. Personally, I recommend either placing an order online or calling it in, as these sandwiches are made fresh daily and take some time to prepare.

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