Is Tohato Chocobi Halal & Kosher? Chocolate Choco Chips

Recently, I have received many questions about the dietary status of the Tohato brand, especially its coated Chocolate: Chocobi. Many need to know whether it meets the dietary requirement of a Halal and Kosher diet.

Unfortunately, this subject is uncovered on the internet, so I decided to write this short article to help you to determine whether it is Halal or haram & Kosker.

In this article, I will check the Tohato Chocobi Chocolate cookie ingredients to see if they contain some forbidden ingredients for Muslims and Jews. Let’s Find Out!

About Tohato Chocobi & Its Ingredients 

Chocobi or Choco Chips is a star-shaped snack with a cereal-like texture filled to the brim with chocolate sauce. It is a well-known anime character Shin Chan owned by a Japanese snack food company Called Tohato. 

Available in various flavors, including Chocolate, Kinako, Orange, Strawberry, and more

Chocobi Chocolate is made using different ingredients, including 

  • Sugar
  • Corn Starch,
  • Palm Oil
  • Margarine
  • Cacao Powder & Mass
  • Salt
  • Milk (Lactose & Cream)
  • Color (E150a)
  • Flavor (Chocolate & Milk)
  • Emulsifiers (E471-E473)

Is Tohato Chocobi Halal?

The answer is NO. Tohato confirmed that none of their products should be considered halal as they are made in the same facility that handles Pork ingredients

Also, they contain two ingredients that aren’t vegetarian, which are 

  • E471 – Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids
  • E473 – Sucrose esters of fatty acids

E471 mostly comes from Pork fatE473 may come from non-halal source.

Also, as a Muslim, you must avoid any snack food containing forbidden or doubtable ingredients.

Is Tohato Chocobi Kosher?

As I explained previously, for the same reason, Chocobi is not Kosher since it across contaminates the Pork ingredients. Also, contain Milk.

As we all know, Jews cannot consume Pork or Meat and Milk together.

Final Thought

Indeed, Tohato Chocobi is unsuitable for Muslims & Jews Both.

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