Is Starburst Halal? Fully Explained!

Are Starbursts Halal? Muslims keep wondering this since Starburst or Opal Fruits is not one of the best but well saying is the best one that all age categories keep consuming, this soft taffy candy consists of 5 varieties chews, Mins, Swirlers, Airs, and Gummies.

Starburst has many different Flavors, such as Original, Sour, FaveREDs, Superfruit, Very Berry, Summer Blast, Watermelon, and Tropical.

In this article, I will be in charge to answer whether chews, Mins, Swirlers, Airs, and Gummies are halal or haram

As Starbursts Halal?

Is Starburst Halal? Starburst Gummies, chews, and Airs contain an animal byproduct “gelatin” which is sourced from beef (is not sourced from pork or pigs.)

Starburst Minis Contain beeswax is an animal ingredient sourced from bees and is not haram the last variety of Swirlers does not contain any animal byproduct.

So, Starbursts are halal. Since they don’t contain any haram ingredients such as alcohol, pork, or pigs. which makes them suitable for Muslims. Which means that they fit the requirements of the Halal diet.

Final Thoughts

If you are asking if Starbursts are made using gelatin this might not answer are Starbursts are halal or Haram, but you should know which gelatin is used to make them.

Here’s the answer some variety made with gelatin but sourced from beef which. The other varieties are made using beeswax & shellac.

So, All flavors and varieties indeed Halal because all used animal ingredient are not sourced from haram ingredient


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