Is Starburst Halal or Haram?

Muslims have been wondering about the halal status of Starburst, which was previously known as Opal Fruits. Although it may not be considered the best candy, it is popular among all age groups. This soft taffy candy comes in five varieties: Chews, Mins, Swirlers, Airs, and Gummies.

Starburst offers a wide range of flavors, including Original, Sour, FaveREDs, Superfruit, Very Berry, Summer Blast, Watermelon, and Tropical.

In this article, I will address whether Starburst Candies are considered halal or haram for Muslims.

Is It Halal or Haram?

USA Starburst

Starburst chews and candies contain an animal byproduct called ‘gelatin,’ sourced from beef. However, the Gelatin used to make Starburst gummies is derived from pork. Therefore, all Starburst flavors are unsuitable for Muslims or those following a halal diet. The company does not certify it as halal due to several forbidden components, including insect secretion and/or pig components.

All Starburst varieties from the USA are considered haram as they contain some forbidden ingredients. The facility does not guarantee that they are alcohol and pork-free, which makes them unsuitable for Muslims.

UK Starburst

Starburst products made in the UK do not contain Gelatin and don’t contain any visible forbidden ingredients, which makes them suitable for those following Halal.

Final Thoughts

So, all flavors and varieties from the USA are indeed Haram because they contain some animal ingredients derived from Haram sources. But varieties from the UK are considered Halal.


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