Is Shin Ramyun Vegetarian & Vegan?

Instant noodles usually come with a seasoning packet containing various flavors and spices that enhance their taste, such as Shin Ramyun. However, the ingredients used can vary, and some may not be suitable for vegetarians.

In this blog post, we will examine whether Shin Ramyun is vegetarian by reviewing the ingredients list of all flavors. So, let’s get started!

About Shin Ramyun & Its Ingredients

Shin Ramyun is a famous brand of instant noodles made by Nongshim, a South Korean food and beverage company.

This Noodle is known for its spicy flavor and is widely consumed around the world. In addition to the original flavor, Shin Ramyun is also available in several other flavors, including the following:

  • Shin Black Ramyun
  • Shin Red Ramyun
  • Shin Cup Noodle
  • Black Cup Noodle
  • Big Bowl
  • Mini Cup
  • Gourmet Spicy
  • Spicy Seafood

Shin Ramyun is made from wheat flour, soy, oil, potato starch, salt, and dehydrated vegetables. Typically, it is served in a broth made from beef and/or fish, with a special blend of spices and vegetables.

Is Shin Ramyun Vegetarian?

Except for Shin Ramyun Original, other flavors of Shin Ramyun are unsuitable for those following a vegetarian diet since they are made using animal by-products, including beef or anchovy. Moreover, they are manufactured in facilities that handle meat, fish, and shellfish ingredients.

Please refer to the table below for a summary:

FlavorsNon-Vegetarian IngredientsIs It Vegetarian?
Shin Ramyun OriginalNoneYES
Shin Black RamyunAnchovy – BeefNO
Shin Red RamyunBeefNO
Shin Cup NoodleAnchovyNO
Black Cup NoodleAnchovyNO
Big BowlBeefNO
Mini CupAnchovyNO
Gourmet SpicyBeefNO
Spicy SeafoodFishNO

Is Shin Ramyun Vegan?

The only vegan option is the original flavor. The other flavors are unsuitable for vegans because they contain non-vegan ingredients, such as fish and beef.

Final Thought

Shin Ramyun offers only one accidentally vegetarian option, which is the Original flavor. The other flavors are unsuitable for vegetarians because they contain animal by-products, such as beef & anchovy.


    Is Shin Ramyun Gourmet Spicy Vegetarian?

    No, Shin Ramyun Gourmet Spicy contain beef, making them unsuitable for vegetarians & vegans.

  2. Does Shin Ramyun Have Beef?

    Yes, most Shin Ramyun flavors contain Beef and/or Fish except the original flavors, which are Shin Ramyun Original.

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