Is Sazon Goya Vegan, Gluten Free, and Vegetarian?

I was looking like you for seasoning to add to my dishes, and by luck, I found Sazon Goya. But I was wondering if it fits with my dietary restrictions.

In this Blog Post, I will closely examine Sazon Goya and its ingredients to determine if it fits our dietary needs. So, is Sazon Goya vegan, gluten-free, or vegetarian? Let’s Find Out!

About Sazon Goya & its ingredients

Sazon Goya is a popular seasoning used worldwide in dishes. The original version is unlike the one homemade from herbs, salt & garlic, annatto, cumin and a blend of spices. 

The original is made using Monosodium Glutamate, Salt, Dehydrated Garlic, Cumin, Yellow 5, Tri- Calcium Phosphate (Anti-Caking Agent), Coriander, Annatto (Color) and Red 40.

Is Sazon Goya Vegan?

Technically the used ingredients are animal-free, so the answer is YES. Sazon Goya is vegan friendly.

There’s some debate about the red40 color but it is also vegan since it is synthetically made. That means that sazon goya is an excellent option for vegans.

Is Sazon Goya Gluten Free?

Fortunately, YES. Sazon Goya does not contain any gluten ingredients. It is not certified gluten-free, but it is technically considered safe for those with gluten sensitivity since it is free from wheat, rye, and barley.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Sazon Goya is vegan-friendly and Gluten Free since the product does not contain animal products or gluten ingredients.

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