Is Nutella vegan? Can vegans eat nutella?

Who can resist the perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnuts? The answer is nobody. But Can vegans eat Nutella? Is Nutella Vegan Friendly?

Is Nutella Vegan Friendly? Can Vegans eat Nutella?

No. Nutella is not vegan Friendly. It contains eight ingredients: sugar, palm oil, hazelnuts, skimmed milk powder, cocoa, lecithin, and vanillin (a synthetic vanilla flavor), So, Vegans can not eat it or use it.

Lecithin is an emulsifier that is added to mix the other ingredients, providing a uniform consistency. It is usually egg or soy-based. Nutella, it’s made from soybeans, making it a vegan ingredient.

However, Nutella contains skimmed milk powder, which is cow’s milk that undergoes rapid heating and drying to remove liquids and create a powder.

What is Nutella?

Nutella is a chocolate hazelnut spread that is loved all over the world. It is commonly used to make toast, pancakes, and other breakfast treats and is included in innovative recipes such as Nutella banana bread or Nutella spring rolls.

Alternatives to Vegan Nutella

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for a delicious vegan alternative to Nutella.

Regular nut butter

For a quick and healthy exchange, choose natural nut butter without added ingredients like sugar and oils. Raw nut butter contains much less sugar than Nutella and provides a generous dose of protein and healthy fats.

Almond and peanut butter are great vegan options that offer roughly 7 grams of filling protein per 2 tablespoons.

Hazelnut oil is also a great option. However, with 5 grams of protein per 2 tablespoons, it provides slightly less of this important macronutrient.

Nutella Alternatives for Vegans

If you are looking for a vegan version of Nutella, many companies have created their own varieties. Let me share with you a small list of Nutella alternatives for vegan

  • Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut & Almond Butter Blend.
  • Artisana Organics Hazelnut Cacao Spread.
  • Rigoni di Asiago Nocciolata Dairy Free Organic Hazelnut Spread.
  • Nutiva Vegan Hazelnut Spread

How to make vegan chocolate namaz

Making your own spread is another great way to make sure your chocolate hazelnut spread is vegan.

In Nutella, lecithin and skimmed milk powder are added as emulsifiers to improve texture and increase shelf life. You can skip these ingredients when making your own spread.

Sugar, hazelnuts, and cocoa powder are vegan, so you can use them in your homemade version. Meanwhile, vanilla extract can replace vanillin.

To make the Vegan Chocolate Prayer, you will need:

  • 4 cups (540 grams) roasted, skinless hazelnuts
  • ¾ cup (75 grams) cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons (30 ml) coconut oil
  • ½ cup (160 g) maple syrup
  • 2 teaspoons (10 ml) pure vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon salt