Is Nesquik Syrup Vegan? Fully Explained!

Is Nesquik Syrup Vegan? a frequently asked question among Nesquik Syrup fans since it is the boss of the kitchen. usually, they use it for making pancakes or drizzle it over ice cream, and more.

As a vegan, if you’re also addicted or just need to know about Nestle Nesquik Syrup whether vegan or not this Article is a full guide for you.

Before starting I would like to introduce the two flavors that Nesquik has which are Strawberry & Chocolate, those flavors have the same main component the difference is only in the artificial flavors since the first is based on strawberry and the second is based on Chocolate.

So, Let’s find out! Before answering the question of the vegan status of Nesquik I will list the ingredients first.

Nesquik Syrup Ingredients:

According to the Nesquik website Nesquik Syrup is made of the following ingredients:

“Please don’t forget to double-check the ingredients label to avoid any kind of food allergy”

Is Nesquik Syrup Vegan? Why?

Is Nesquik Syrup Vegan? There are two answers since Nesquik syrup contain questionable ingredients that might come from plant or animals

Answer 1

If you’re strictly vegan, Nesquik is not a good option for you since it may not be vegan, it contains ingredients that might come from animals which are Sugar, Artificial Flavor, and food coloring.

  • Sugar: may be filtered with bone char
  • Artificial Flavor & Coloring: meat and their derivatives.

 Answer 2

if you’re a non-strict vegan (new vegan), don’t worry about questionable ingredients if you find a product containing Claire and the strict animal product you need to avoid. But if you find products that contain only questionable ingredients don’t worry about it until you’re more comfortable with the diet.


So, Nesquik Cereal without further ado is unsuitable for strict vegans, therefore not allowed on a vegan diet since it contains ingredients that may be sourced from animals.


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