Is Metamucil Vegan, Gluten Free, Low FODMAP, and Halal? Fiber, Gummies, Powder

Are you looking for a vegan and gluten-free fiber supplement for digestive health? In this blog post, I will review Metamucil since it is one of the most well-known options available worldwide! 

So, I will start by looking closely at the ingredients list and answering whether it is vegan or gluten-free.

About Metamucil & Its Ingredients

Metamucil is known for its wide range of health advantages such as restoring proper bowel function and avoiding constipation.

This is back to how it is made and the used ingredients since it is obtained from psyllium husk (a compound obtained from the seeds of Plantago Ovata).

There’s no doubt that the best way to get high Fiber is through food because fiber-rich meals contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in addition to Fiber. Therefore Metamucil is a good option for your daily Fiber needs if you cannot get enough from food. 

Is Metamucil Vegan and Vegetarian?

Yes, all flavors of Metamucil are vegan and vegetarian, except for the Capsule variety which is made using gelatin (unsuitable for vegans & vegetarians).

Is Metamucil Gluten free?

According to the Metamucil website, all flavors are considered gluten-free except one. Here’s how you can figure out which of them doesn’t contain gluten ingredients: 

Metamucil Powders, Capsules, and On the Go are gluten-free, but Metamucil Fiber Thins contain a gluten-containing ingredient, “wheat flour.”

So, if you are allergic to gluten you should avoid Metamucil Fiber Thins.

Is Metamucil Halal?

Without further ado the answer is YES. All flavors of Metamucil are made using halal ingredients even gelatin, which is sourced from beef.

Is Metamucil Low FODMAP?

Yes & No, Metamucil Powder, Capsules, and On-The-Go are low-FODMAP because they contain only psyllium husk which is considered FODMAP-friendly. However, Metamucil Fiber Thins have wheat flour as already mentioned which is considered high-FODMAP

Final Thought

All flavors of Metamucil are vegan-friendly, except for the Capsule variety, which contains gelatin as a main ingredient. The Capsule variety is vegetarian, low-FODMAP, and Gluten Free but Metamucil Fiber Thins are not.

Metamucil Guide Flavors

Powders Fiber

  • Metamucil Premium Blend
  • Metamucil Sugar-Free
  • Metamucil with real sugar
  • Metamucil No added sweetness
  • Metamucil 14-day Cleanse

Capsules Fiber

  • Metamucil Capsules

Fiber Thins

  • Metamucil Apple Crisp
  • Metamucil Chocolate
  • Metamucil Cinnamon Spice

Metamucil On the Go

  • Sugar-Free
  • Real Sugar

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