Is Metamucil Vegan?

Is Metamucil Vegan? I get this question rather frequently because this brand is the most popular Fiber supplement known in the USA. Fiber has a wide range of health advantages, such as restoring proper BOWEL function and avoiding constipation. The greatest way to receive fiber is through food because fiber-rich meals contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that pills don’t. However, fiber supplements can help a person meet the daily necessary amount.

Due to the health benefits of Metamucil. In this article I will answer all questions related to Metamucil by answering the following Question:

  • What is Metamucil?
  • Is Metamucil Vegan?
  • Is Metamucil Gluten Free?
  • Is Metamucil Vegetarian?
  • Is Metamucil Halal?
  • Is Metamucil Low-FODMAP?

If you are looking for a quick answer without further ado, here’s the answer to your question:

Yes, Metamucil is vegan friendly except for one Flavor which is Metamucil Capsule, isn’t vegan it contains gelatin. So, as a vegan, All flavors are suitable for you except Metamucil Capsules which are unsuitable.

What is Metamucil

Metamucil is a fiber supplement. Presented by Searle and company, the name is a blend of the Greek word for change (meta) and the class of fiber that it uses (mucilage). In its initial years, Metamucil achieved sporadic drug-store distribution as a “behind the counter” brand. Starting around 1974, the brand was likewise promoted to customers by print and tv advertising and opened up in food outlets. [1]

What is Metamucil made of?

Metamucil is a fiber supplement produced using psyllium husk, a compound got from the seeds of Plantago Ovata, otherwise called blond plantain. It’s a kind of soluble fiber, and that implies that it retains water and structures a gel-like consistency as it goes through your intestinal system. [2]

Is Metamucil Vegetarian?

Yes, All Flavors of Metamucil are vegetarian except for one Flavor which is Metamucil Capsule, which contains gelatin. So, as a vegetarian Metamucil Capsules is unsuitable for you.

Is Metamucil Gluten Free?

Metamucil Powders, Capsules, and On the Go are gluten-free, Metamucil Fiber Thins contain gluten (Not gluten free), if you are allergic to gluten just try to avoid Metamucil Fiber Thins.

Is Metamucil halal?

All Flavors of Metamucil do not contain any haram ingredients or by-products which makes it halal and suitable for Muslims.

Is Metamucil Low FODMAP?

Yes, Metamucil Powder, Capsules and On-The-Go are low FODMAP. Because of the use of Psyllium Husk, and is very low carb. But Metamucil Fiber thins is FODMAP, which means that is Hight carb.

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All Metamucil Ingredient [Grouped and Explained]

In this section, I will group all ingredients together and I will give a brief description.

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium or ispaghula is the normal name utilized for several members of the plant genus Plantago whose seeds are utilized monetarily for the development of mucilage. Psyllium is predominantly utilized as a dietary fiber to free symptoms from both obstruction and mild diarrhea, and sporadically as a food thickener. Sensitivity to psyllium is normal in specialists every now and again presented to the substance.


Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide that is utilized as a food fixing. It is delivered from vegetable starch by partial hydrolysis and is typically found as a white hygroscopic spray-dried powder. Maltodextrin is effectively edible, being retained as quickly as glucose, and might be either reasonably sweet or practically flavorless. It very well may be found as a fixing in different handled food sources.


Gelatin or gelatine is a translucent, colorless, flavorless food fixing, regularly got from collagen taken from creature body parts. It is weak when dry and rubbery when wet. It might likewise be alluded to as hydrolyzed collagen, collagen hydrolysate, gelatine hydrolysate, hydrolyzed gelatine, and collagen peptides after it has undergone hydrolysis. It is usually utilized as a gelling agent in food, beverages, medications, drug or vitamin capsules, photographic films, papers, and cosmetics.

Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is a powder produced using the crushing of wheat utilized for human utilization. Wheat assortments are designated “delicate” or “powerless” assuming gluten content is low, and are classified “hard” or “solid” in the event that they have high gluten content. Hard flour, or bread flour, is high in gluten, with 12% to 14% gluten content, and the batter has versatile strength and holds its shape well once prepared. Delicate flour is relatively low in gluten and in this manner brings about a portion with a better, brittle surface soft flour is typically separated into cake flour, which is the least in gluten, and baked good flour, which has somewhat more gluten than cake flour.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is an eatable vegetable oil got from the mesocarp (ruddy mash) of the product of the oil palms The oil is utilized in food fabricating, in excellent items, and as biofuel. Palm oil represented around 33% of worldwide oils created from oil crops in 2014 Palm oils are simpler to balance out and keep up with the nature of flavor and consistency in handled food varieties, so are every now and again preferred by food producers.


Fructose, or natural product sugar, is a ketonic basic sugar tracked down in many plants, where it is frequently clung to glucose to shape the disaccharide sucrose. It is one of the three dietary monosaccharides, alongside glucose and galactose, that are ingested straightforwardly into the blood during assimilation.


Inulins are a gathering of normally happening polysaccharides delivered by many kinds of plants, mechanically most frequently extricated from chicory. The inulins have a place with a class of dietary filaments known as fructans. Inulin is involved by certain plants for the purpose of putting away energy and is normally tracked down in roots or rhizomes. Most plants that orchestrate and store inulin don’t store different types of sugar like starch

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar item with a particular earthy colored tone because of the presence of molasses. It is either a raw or to some extent refined delicate sugar comprising of sugar precious stones with some leftover molasses content, or it is created by the expansion of molasses to refined white sugar.

Corn Oil

Corn oil is an oil extricated from the germ of corn. Its primary use is in cooking, where its high smoke point makes refined corn oil a significant searing oil. It is likewise a critical fixing in certain margarine. Corn oil is by and large more affordable than most different kinds of vegetable oils.

Metamucil Flavors

Powders Fiber

  • Metamucil Premium Blend
  • Metamucil Sugar-Free
  • Metamucil with real sugar
  • Metamucil No added sweetness
  • Metamucil 14-day Cleanse

Capsules Fiber

  • Metamucil Capsules

Fiber Thins

  • Metamucil Apple Crisp
  • Metamucil Chocolate
  • Metamucil Cinnamon Spice

Metamucil On the Go

  • Sugar-Free
  • Real Sugar


Metamucil is a fiber supplement, Presented by Searle. All their flavors are vegan-friendly except Metamucil Capsule which contains gelatin as the main ingredients, is vegetarian, is low Fodmap and gluten-free Except for Metamucil Fiber Thins.