Is Lurpak Vegan, Halal, Vegetarian? Butter – Spreadable – Salted – unsalted – Lighter

Lurpak is one of the best-selling brands of butter in the world. I usually get this question: Is Lurpak Vegan, Halal, or vegetarian? In this blog post, we’ll see the stereotype that says Lurpak is not vegan by looking into the ingredients list to answer whether suitable for vegans or not.

About Lurpak & Its Ingredients

If you’re looking for tasty salt & unsalted butter, you need to try Lurpak since it is one of the famous brands of butter produced in Denmark and is sold worldwide.

This famous Lurpak butter is made only from four ingredients: cream sourced from cows, salt, lactic acid, and rennet. The unsalted butter is made with the same ingredients. The only difference is in the omitted salt.

Is It Vegan? Here’s the answer

The answer is NO. Lurpak is not vegan, including Butter & Spreadable – salted – unsalted – Lighter since they contain Milk, a dairy product sourced and skimmed from whole milk cows. So, they are unsuitable for vegans, and most choose to avoid them.

Is It Halal?

The answer is YES. Lurpak is Halal since the cream is derived from cows, a halal source. So, Lurpak is permissible for Muslims, and a halal diet.

Is It Vegetarian?

The answer is YES. Vegetarians can consume dairy products. The only unsuitable ingredient for vegetarians is meat. So, Lurpak is suitable for vegetarians.

Final Thought

Indeed, Lurpak is Halal, vegetarian, and unsuitable for vegans including Butter & Spreadable – salted – unsalted – Lighter. They contain dairy.

There is plenty of vegan butter available on amazon or in the market.

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