Is Lily Collins Vegan?

As the world becomes increasingly health-conscious, so does our curiosity about the lifestyle habits of celebrities. In this case, we’re diving deep into the life of acclaimed actress Lily Collins, exploring her diet, her views on animal welfare, and the big question – is she vegan?

Who is Lily Collins?

Lily Collins, born on March 18, 1989, in Guildford, Surrey, England, is a British-American actress, model, and writer. She gained international recognition for her performances in films like “The Blind Side,” “Mirror Mirror,” “Abduction,” and the Netflix series “Emily in Paris.” Beyond her acting prowess, she is known for her unique style and charismatic off-screen persona.

Her father is the legendary musician Phil Collins, which inevitably exposed her to fame and the entertainment industry from a young age. However, she has consistently maintained that her success is a result of her hard work and dedication, not just her famous lineage. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is around $25 million.

Collins has been married to Charlie McDowell since 2021. The couple often shares snippets of their blissful married life through social media, though they keep most details private. As of now, they do not have any children.

Lily Collins’ Diet

Having had her share of battles with eating disorders in the past, Lily Collins is now a strong advocate for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She believes in nourishing her body with a variety of nutrient-rich foods rather than adhering to restrictive diets.

Her day often begins with a refreshing green smoothie, followed by a protein-rich lunch, and she tends to enjoy a well-balanced dinner, frequently including fish or chicken for her protein source. Collins loves to experiment with recipes and enjoys cooking her meals whenever her busy schedule allows.

Is Lily Collins vegan or vegetarian?

No, Lily Collins is neither a vegan nor a vegetarian. While she is open about her love for healthy and clean eating, she also freely admits to consuming meat and dairy products. However, she has also shared that she tries to source her food responsibly and sustainably, reflecting her awareness and consideration towards environmental issues.

Lily Collins’ Meal Plan

Diving into more detail, let’s take a closer look at Lily Collins’ typical day in meals. It’s important to note that this varies, as she believes in listening to her body and eating intuitively rather than sticking to a strict diet plan.


Lily often goes for a green smoothie, made with spinach, kale, apple, banana, almond milk, and a scoop of protein powder. This nutrient-dense drink fuels her mornings, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and protein.


For lunch, she enjoys a mix of protein and veggies. This could be a chicken salad with plenty of greens or a piece of fish with steamed vegetables on the side. Lily often includes complex carbs like sweet potatoes or brown rice.


Dinner at Lily’s is usually a relaxed affair. She enjoys home-cooked meals, often indulging in lean meats, veggies, and sometimes, a hearty pasta dish. She believes in enjoying her food and doesn’t shy away from treating herself.

Lily Collins and Animal Welfare

While not vegan or vegetarian, Lily Collins shows a deep respect for animals and the environment. She often advocates for responsible sourcing of food and products, supporting brands and companies that are cruelty-free and sustainable. Though she hasn’t explicitly spoken about animal welfare, her lifestyle choices indicate a clear respect for living beings.

Is Lily Collins Self-Made?

Yes, Lily Collins is a self-made woman. Despite being the daughter of Phil Collins, she has carved her own path in the entertainment industry, proving her talent time and time again. Her journey towards success was not handed to her on a silver platter; it was earned through dedication, perseverance, and passion.

Final Thoughts

Lily Collins is more than just an accomplished actress; she’s a symbol of healthy living, balance, and self-love. Her approach to diet, although not vegan, reflects a thoughtful consideration towards the food she consumes. Her journey serves as a reminder that it’s possible to live a healthy, balanced life without adhering strictly to diet labels such as vegan or vegetarian.

It’s clear that Lily Collins is self-made and has achieved her success through her own efforts. Her lifestyle and diet choices reflect a person who is conscious of her health, the environment, and animal welfare. So, while she isn’t a vegan, she still makes choices that resonate with many of the same principles.