Is Isey Skyr Vegan? Yogurt

Unquestionably you come across the Isey Skyr Yogurt brand, and you’re looking for the answer to whether it is vegan. You’re not alone. Most SOUNDVEGAN blog post followers wonder if they can include it in a vegan diet.

I will check the ingredients list in this article to give you a safe and sure question. So, please stick with me to learn more.

About Isey Skyr & Its Ingredients

Isey Skyr is a traditional Icelandic product, similar to yogurt, but it has a unique creamy & tangy taste. It is available in many countries and is made with high-quality Skimmed Milk that contains a significant source of protein and calcium.

The brand marketed this yogurt to many categories since it has four varieties: Natural, Fresh Flavors, Low Carb, and Limited Edition.

Is It Vegan?

Unfortunately, this yogurt is made based on skimmed Milk, which doesn’t meet the dietary requirement for a vegan diet. Therefore is not an option for vegans.

Is It Vegetarian?

The answer is YES. Skyr is suitable for lacto-ovo vegetarians. as we all know, they can include dairy products such as Milk and its derivatives.

Is It Dairy Free?

Unfortunately, it contains skimmed Milk that is sourced from Whole Milk.

Final Thought

Indeed, Isey Skyr is unsuitable for a dairy-free, vegan diet, but it is a perfect option for lacto-ovo vegetarians.

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