Is Great Value Powdered Sugar Vegan and Gluten Free? Brown, Pure Cane, Granulated Sugar Covered

There are many sugar brands in the market, which makes it easy to choose or buy one. But if you have some dietary requirements, you will look for sugar that will fit your needs.

Generally, sugar is considered gluten-free, but some brands may make it in factories that handle allergic ingredients. Which makes a lot wondering if it is safe to use. Otherwise, the white sugar is not considered vegan since it is often filtered with bone char.

Great value sugar is the sugar brand that we will check in this blog post, with its different varieties, including Powdered, Brown, Organic, Cinnamon, Pure Cane, Coconut, and Granulated sugar

So, let’s find out whether they are gluten-free and vegan.

About Great Value Sugar & Its Ingredients

Great value sugar is a brand containing a variety of sugar, including Powdered, Brown, Organic, Cinnamon, Pure Cane, Coconut, and Granulated sugar, sold by Walmart.

Those varieties are made from either sugarcane or beet juice, which is processed to extract the sugar crystals. Also commonly used as a sweetener and thickener in cooking and baking.

Each variety is made using different ingredients, but the commonly used ingredients are Sugar, Cornstarch, Organic Raw Cane, or Organic Coconut Sugar.

Is Great Value Powdered Sugar Vegan? 

At the first time, you may get this brand wrong since it is marketed by a wide seller as a vegan sugar. But NO, it has only 2 vegan-friendly varietiesRead more to get a full explanation.

Great Value offer 2 options that are totally vegan-friendly:

  1. Organic Granulated Cane
  2. Organic Coconut

The other varieties are refined using bone char. According to Walmart, the following Great Value sugar are not vegan, even not vegetarian:

  1. Powdered Sugar 
  2. Light Brown Sugar
  3. Pure Granulated Sugar
  4. Cinnamon Sugar
  5. Pure Cane Sugar

Is Great Value Powdered Sugar Gluten Free?

All types of sugar are gluten-free since they are made without gluten. GREAT VALUE made using gluten-free ingredients. But!

According to Walmart, there’s only one certified gluten-free variety, “Pure Granulated Sugar.” The other varieties are not certified gluten-free, even though they don’t have any gluten-containing ingredients. This means they are made in a facility that handles gluten ingredients.

 Final Thought

Indeed, Great Value Sugar has only two vegan options Organic Granulated Cane – Organic Coconut. Also, one certified gluten-free sugar variety is Pure Granulated Sugar

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