Is E129 Halal or Haram? Allura Red AC – FD&C Red 40 Food Coloring

Many brands use food additives to enhance color or flavor to provide products with good taste or better coloring. Red 40, or E129, usually called in some countries, is one of the most used dyes. Even if it is considered safe, some types of diet may be questionable or even forbidden.

In this article, I will review E129 sources and how they help you determine whether it is Halal and Vegan. So, for more info, keep reading.

About E129 and Sources

E129, also known as Red 40 or Allura Red, is a synthetic food dye. Many brands use it to give red color to the food industry, including candy, soft drinks, and baked goods. 

The manufacturer derives E129 from Coal Tar or Purified oil products. It is soluble in water, in both forms, dry and liquid.

Is E129 Halal?

The answer is YES. E129 is Halal since it is derived from halal source coal tar or Purified oil products, which are considered safe from Muslims. Therefore, the E129 colorant is soluble in water, which means it is halal and clean from any haram byproducts.

Is E129 Vegan?

Fortunately, E129 is vegan and doesn’t contain any derived animal ingredients, which makes it a friendly ingredient for vegans & vegetarians.

Final Thought

Indeed, E129 is safe and suitable for Muslims, vegans, and vegetarians.

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