Is E120 Halal or Haram? Carmine & Cochineal Color – Carminic Acid

Whatever diet you follow, you will wonder if this food coloring fits it. I receive many questions about whether it is vegan & Halal. 

In this blog post, I will discuss whether those following a halal diet can consume or avoid it. Also, I will explain the source and share my final thoughts with you.

About E120 and Its Source

E120, or Carmine, also called Cochineal Color, is a pigment derived from Cochineal female insects to use for many products, including Food and Cosmetics.

FDA approved the E120 for use as a food color in many countries. Still, some diets consider it unsuitable since it may trigger allergies, and others consider it forbidden since it contains non-allowed components. 

So, let’s answer those unsure ones if they can include it or avoid it. 

Is E120 Halal?

The answer is NO. E120 is not halal since the source of this pigment is cochineal which is forbidden. As we all know, Muslims can’t consume insects or their derivatives.

So, you need to avoid any products containing e120 color.

Final Thought

Nowadays, many brands use this dyed red. You need to know as a Muslim that it is unsuitable for you since it is derived from a haram source: insects.


Is Carmine Halal?

No, Carmine is unsuitable for Mulims is made from insects.

Is Cochineal Color Halal? Carminic Acid

The same answer applied to this question. So, it is unsuitable for Muslims because it is made from insects.

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