Is Chris Paul Vegan? Fully Explained

Christopher Emmanuel Paul, also called Chris Paul, is among the world’s most well-known & highest-paid athletes. He’s an NBA player named twice to represent the USA in the “FIBA” Basketball World Cup.

Chris Paul is an investor at Jordan Brand and State Farm since he held endorsement deals with those companies. A lot of stereotypes say that Chris is a strict vegan. In this blog post, we will answer “Is Chris Paul Vegan?

Is Chris Paul Vegan? Here’s The Answer

Fortunately, Chris Paul adapted to a vegan lifestyle. And he’s pronounced many times that it is vegan. For three years, paul was & still vegan and wishes to change people’s perceptions of plant-based foods and snacks.

As some may know, a documentary called “game-changers” was pronounced on January 19, 2019, and Chris Paul is listed as one of the executive producers. Now, this documentary promotes a plant-based diet. By supporting such a project, Chris Paul is saying it is with veganism & vegan society.

Also, Chris Paul has joined Beyond Meat as a brand ambassador alongside Kyrie Irving, who has pronounced that he is vegan.

Final Thought

Indeed, Chris Paul has been vegan since 2019 and is still vegan. He is also one of the top basketball players that supports veganism and the Beyond Meat Project (Plant-based Meat).

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