Is Cherry Ripe Halal or Haram? Cadbury Chocolate Bar

One of My blog readers asked me to clarify doubts about one of the best-selling candies, Cherry Ripe. I’m writing this blog post because there are a lot of unclear stereotypes regarding this Chocolate.

Some say that they contain Gelatin derived from haram sources, and others say they are derived from beef. There is more than one derived animal ingredient. So, let’s dive in and see what we will find.

About Cherry Ripe Chocolate & Its Ingredients

Cherry Ripe is a new trending chocolate bar made by Cadbury, a British confectionery company. Cherry Ripe is available in different sizes Family, Normal, Multipack, and Mini. It also contains juicy cherry and coconut in dark Chocolate. This bar is among best selling treats in Australia and New Zealand.

Cherry Ripe Contain Gelatin, but it is derived from beef which is considered permissible for Muslims, but there’s a hidden insect ingredient containing it.

In addition to Gelatin, it contains – Sweetness, Coconut, Glace Cherries, WGFS, Food Acid, Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Mass, Milk, Vegetable Fat, Cocoa Butter & Powder, Gelatine, Cornstarch, Tapioca Starch, Emulsifiers, Coloring (120, 160c), Flavors, Mineral Salt.

Is Cherry Ripe Chocolate Halal?

The answer is NO. Cherry Ripe contains a color called 120, which is a color derived from insects, Also Called “CochinealCarminic AcidCarmine.” Muslims forbid insects and their secretions. So, Cherry Ripe is unsuitable for a halal diet.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, Cherry Ripe Chocolate is unsuitable for Muslims. It is made using Cochineal, which is considered by Islamic law forbidden.


  1. Why Is Cherry Ripe Not Halal

    It contains the food additive E120 (Carmine) derived from insects. This is not allowed on a halal diet.

  2. Is Cadbury Cherry Ripe Halal

    The answer is NO. As previously mentioned, it contains insect derivatives unsuitable for Muslims.

  3. Does Cherry Ripe Have Gelatine

    Yes, contain Gelatin & Carmine. Both are insects and animal derivatives

  4. What Type Of Gelatin Is In Cherry Ripe

    The gelatin used in Cherry ripes is derived from beef but is contain also carmine (insect derivatives).

Important Note!!!!!!

I want to clarify that I am not in a position to alter any laws prescribed by God. My opinions and interpretations are solely personal and have no authoritative value. Therefore, I do not intend to pass any judgment on whether a particular product is halal or haram. Please consider reading multiple sources and gathering information before making any decisions. Lastly, I urge you not to rely solely on my answers and take them lightly.

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