Is Cadbury drinking chocolate halal? Hot Powdered Mixes

If you are here, Surely you wonder whether Cadbury Drinking Chocolate halal or Haram. Many SOUNDVEGAN blog followers are addicted to this drinking chocolate. As known, Cadbury offers high-quality products. Also, the huge popularity makes many concerned about it, that’s why I keep receiving many questions about it.

In this blog post, I will check whether Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is free from forbidden ingredients to determine whether it is permissible for Muslims.

About Cadbury drinking chocolate & Its Ingredients

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate is a hot cocoa powder drink. It is made with Cocoa Powder which is considered the main ingredient. Also, Sugar, Starch, Mineral Salt, and Flavor.

You need just a cup of hot milk or water to make a perfect choco drink any time of the day. This brand is free from animal-derived ingredients, Alcohol-free, Insects and Wine free.

Is Cadbury drinking chocolate Halal or Haram?

The answer is YES. Drinking Chocolate is Halal because it does not contain derived animal ingredients from haram sources and is non-alcoholic. Also, all used components are naturally safe for Muslims.

So, this hot chocolate is suitable and an excellent option for Muslims. 

Final Thought

Cadbury Hot Chocolate is safe for Muslims. I advise constantly checking the label of ingredients to check if they have made any changes.


  1. Does Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Have Pork or Pigs Fat?

    Fortunately, it is gelatin-free, Pork-free, Pigs fat-free.

  2. Does Cadbury Drinking Chocolate Have Alcohol or Wine?

    No, it is Wine-free and non-alcoholic.

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