Is Bournville Chocolate Vegan? CADBURY

Are you a chocolate lover who also follows a vegan lifestyle? If yes, you must wonder whether Bournville chocolate is vegan-friendly or not.

In this blog post, I will provide all the information you need about this brand, including whether you can add a bar of Bournville chocolate to your diet.

About Bournville Chocolate and Its Ingredients

Bournville is a well-known brand of dark chocolate produced by Cadbury, and it is readily available in both the United Kingdom and India. This chocolate is made with more than 36% cocoa content, giving it its rich, smooth, and slightly bitter taste. Many individuals consider Bournville to be one of the best dark chocolates available due to its high-quality ingredients and delicious flavor.

Bournville Chocolate is typically made with common ingredients, including cocoa butter, cocoa mass, palm oil, and emulsifiers. Some flavors may also include skimmed milk powder.

Is Bournville Chocolate Vegan?

The answer is No. Bournville Chocolate is not vegan. It contains Skimmed Milk Powder, and the manufacturing facility handles milk ingredients. Additionally, the company doesn’t label its chocolates as vegan options. So, Bournville is unsuitable for those following a vegan lifestyle.

Here is the list of non-vegan options

  • Giant Buttons
  • Classic Dark Chocolate
  • Old Jamaica
  • Orange
  • Fingers
  • Highlights Dark Chocolate
  • Cocoa

Final Thought

Bournville Chocolate may be a delicious treat for some, but it is unsuitable for vegans due to the presence of skimmed milk powder.

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