Is Goya Adobo Seasoning Vegan and Gluten-free? All Purpose Seasoning Including Pepper & Spice

Due to some dietary restrictions, many are looking for snacks, food, drinks, or seasonings that fit their diet. Today I will look further at one of the best seasonings. 

If you’re looking for a new one to add excitement to your meals, you may come across Goya Adobo since it is best-selling & well-known worldwide. That is why a lot keep asking about it, and the most they want to know is Vegan, Gluten Free, and Halal.

In this blog post, I will answer all those questions to give you a clear idea of whether you can use it. So, let’s dive in.

About Goya Adobo and Its Ingredients

Goya Adobo Seasoning is a spice used for cooked food to excite meals. It is commonly made of Salt, Garlic, Tricalcium Phosphate, Black Pepper, Oregano, and Turmeric. It is frequently used to season vegetables & Beyond meat for vegans and is often used by non-vegan people for meat, poultry, and seafood

Adobo contains different flavors, each with a unique taste, including:

Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning with Bitter Orange, Cumin, Hot, Light without Pepper, Coriander and Annatto, Lemon and Pepper, Saffron, Seasoning with Pepper, without, and Adobo Light with Pepper.

Is Goya Adobo Vegan?

The answer is YES. All Goya Adobo flavors are vegan-friendly. They are made of a mixture of spices free from Animal components, which means they are suitable for vegans.

Is Goya Adobo Gluten-Free?

All Adobo flavors are gluten-free, and the ingredients listed on the label are naturally free from gluten-containing, making it suitable for those with celiac or gluten sensitivity.

Is Goya Adobo Seasoning Vegetarian?

Yes. Adobo is vegetarian. Do not contain meat or its derivatives. So, as a vegetarian, Goya adobo seasoning is suitable for you.

Is Goya Adobo Seasoning Halal?

Yes. Adobo is halal since Goya doesn’t contain Animal by-products such as Alcohol, insect, and wine. So, it is suitable for Muslims.


Goya Adobo is vegan-friendly and suitable for vegans because it is made of a mixture of spices that are free from animal components. It is also gluten-free, making it suitable for people with celiac or gluten sensitivity. As a vegetarian, you can consume Goya Adobo seasoning because it does not contain meat or its derivatives. Goya Adobo is also halal because it doesn’t contain animal by-products such as alcohol, insects, and wine, making it suitable for Muslims.

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