How Many Ounces In Egg?

Knowing how to measure ingredients accurately is important for cooking delicious dishes, especially for ingredients like eggs that require precise measurements. Although eggs can be counted, many recipes call for them to be measured by weight in ounces. So, what is the weight of an egg in ounces?

The weight of an egg in ounces depends on the egg’s size. In the US, eggs come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The USDA states that a large egg weighs around 50 grams or 1.76 ounces.

It’s important to note that the weight of an egg can vary depending on various factors such as the age of the egg, the chicken’s diet, and the way it’s cooked. For example, hard-boiled eggs may weigh slightly less than raw eggs due to moisture loss during cooking.

To measure eggs accurately by weight, you will need a kitchen scale. Just place the egg on the scale and record its weight in ounces. If a recipe requires a specific number of ounces of egg, you can use this measurement to determine how many eggs you need. For instance, if a recipe calls for 6 ounces of egg, you’ll need roughly three large eggs.


a large egg weighs around 1.76 ounces, but the weight can vary due to different factors. To measure eggs accurately, you can use a kitchen scale and record the weight in ounces, ensuring precise and consistent results in your cooking and baking projects.

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