Do Gushers Have Gelatin & Pork?

General Mills is a multinational food company that consistently sets sales records monthly and is one of the largest confectionery producers. However, various stereotypes surround the company, including claims that some of its products use Gelatin sourced from Beef or Pork.

One of the products that have been subject to this claim is Gushers, a fruit-flavored snack. This article will explore whether Gushers contain animal by-products such as Pork and Gelatin. Let’s dive in!

About Gushers and Their Ingredients

Gushers are bite-sized candies made by General Mills and filled with a sweet liquid. They come in various flavors, such as Strawberry Splash, Tropical Punch, Gushin Grape, and Sour Berry.

Gushers Fruit-flavored are made based on the following ingredients:

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Dried Corn Syrup, Pear Puree Concentrate, Modified Corn Starch, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Palm Oil, Juice fruit concentrate, Vitamin, Natural Flavors, and Coloring.

Do Gushers Have Pork & Gelatin?

Yes, all Gushers flavors are free from animal-derived ingredients, including Gelatin, commonly used as a gelling agent. As a result, Gushers do not contain pork and are suitable for those following vegan, vegetarian, and halal diets.

Final Thought

All flavors of Gushers are entirely free from meat and Gelatin, making them suitable for individuals following a kosher or halal diet and for vegans and vegetarians who avoid animal products.

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