Are Wonka Nerds Halal?

If you are wondering are Wonka nerds Halal or Haram? So, you are in the right place. Today I will review all Wonka nerds flavors in order to identify which ones are haram & which the halal.

Before starting Wonka Nerds are one of best selling nerds and had different varieties which were Wonka Nerds, Big Chewy, Gummy Clusters, and Nerds Ropes. Those varieties come with different flavor lists such as very berry, rainbow, tropical, watermelon, grape & strawberry, and sour.

So, Are Wonka Nerds Halal or Haram? In the next section, you will find the answer fully covered!

Are Wonka Nerds Halal?

Are Nerds Candy Halal? Generally, Nerds are made using gelatin pork as the company confirmed which makes them Haram. However, some Halal options don’t have any haram ingredients: Nerds Twist & Mix, watermelon & Cherry, Big Chey, and Sour big Chewy.

The other flavors are haram since they are made using gelatin and/or Carmine color, making them unsuitable for Muslims.

This is a table that will help you to identify quickly which nerds are Halal or Haram.

FlavorsIs It Halal?Haram Ingredients
Nerds Twist & MixYES
Nerds Grape & StrawberryNOCarmine
Nerds Watermelon & CherryYES
Nerds RainbowNOCarmine
Big ChewyYES
Sour Big ChewyYES
Gummy Clusters Very BerryNOGelatin & Carmine
Gummy ClustersNOGelatin & Carmine
Rope RainbowNOGelatin & Carmine
Rope Very berryNOGelatin & Carmine
Rope TropicalNOGelatin


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