Are Wheat Crunchies Vegan?

Everyone has their own reasons for following a vegan lifestyle, but commonly we all care about animals and their welfare. Each individual chooses their own way of preparing or selecting snacks or food, but the majority look on the internet to see if a brand fits their dietary needs, including one of the most well-known brands, Wheat Crunchies.

In this blog post, I will help you determine whether this brand is an option for the vegan community or if they need to stay away from it.

About Wheat Crunchies & Their Ingredients

Wheat Crunchies are a crispy, wheat-based snack that comes in several flavors, including Worcester Sauce, Spicy Tomato, Crispy Bacon, and Cheese & Onion. They are known for their crunchy texture and bold flavors.

The ingredients used to make Wheat Crunchies may vary depending on each flavor, but they commonly include flour, oil, dextrose, salt, sugar, natural flavors, and acids. Some varieties may also include bacon, cheese, and other ingredients.

Are Wheat Crunchies Vegan?

The answer is NO. Wheat Crunchies are certified vegetarian by the brand itself, which means they do not contain animal by-products, including meat. However, the brand has stated that they may contain eggs and milk, making them unsuitable for those following a vegan lifestyle. Therefore, the Cheddar & Onion flavors are made using dried milk.

Final Thought

The Wheat Crunchies facility does not seem to take precautions to ensure that their products are free from dairy and egg ingredients, as they continue to handle them. Additionally, while Wheat Crunchies flavors are suitable for vegetarians, they are unsuitable for vegans.

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