Are Werthers Originals Vegan? Fully Explained!

Are Werthers Originals Vegan? I get quite often this question since Werther’s Originals are one of the popular brands of caramel candy.

Werther’s Originals come in different varieties which are Hard Caramels, Soft Caramels, Chewy Caramels, Caramel Popcorn, and Sugar-Free. Each variety is included different Flavors

In this article, I will try to give Werther’s Originals candy their time with a total review.

So, Let’s Start by listing the ingredients.

Werther’s Originals Ingredients:

According to their website Werther’s Originals Hard Candy are made of the following ingredients:

  • Sugar
  • Glucose Syrup (From Wheat or Corn)
  • Cream
  • Whey
  • Butter
  • Sugar Cane Syrup
  • Salt
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Artificial Flavor

Allergy Information:

Contains Milk, Soybeans, and Wheat.

Are Werthers Originals Vegan? Explained

Are Werthers Originals Vegan? The answer is NO. All varieties & flavors of Werther’s Originals Candies are not Vegan since they contain dairy which is derived from animal (Milk), which makes them unsuitable for vegans.

So, as vegan Werther’s Originals Candies are not allowed on vegan diet

Are Werthers Originals Halal?

The answer is YES, Werther’s Originals are halal since they don’t contain any Haram ingredients and the only animal ingredients that contain is milk which is derived from Cows; therefore, Milk is halal means that haram ingredients don’t exist. So, Werther’s Originals are suitable for Muslims.

Are Werthers Originals Gluten Free?

According to Werthers Originals Candies website, Werther’s Originals are certified gluten-free since don’t contain any type of gluten, also made in a gluten-free facility. which makes it suitable & safe for persons allergic to gluten

All Werther’s Originals are suitable for a gluten-free diet. They do include glucose syrup, which may be derived from a wheat source. The Coeliac Society states that glucose syrup sourced from wheat is suitable for inclusion in a gluten-free diet.”

Are Werthers Originals Vegetarian?

Fortunately, Werthers Originals are vegetarian and don’t contain any derived meat ingredients which makes them suitable for a vegetarian diet.


Indeed, Werthers Originals are not vegan, vegetarian, Halal, or Gluten-free.

FlavorsIs It Vegan?Non-vegan Ingredients
Hard CaramelsNOMilk
Caramel FilledNOMilk
Caramel CoffeeNOMilk
Apple FilledNOMilk
Soft CaramelsNOMilk
Vanilla CrémeNOMilk
Chocolate Covered CaramelsNOMilk
Chewy CaramelsNOMilk
Caramel PopcornNOMilk
Sea Salt & Pretzel PopcornNOMilk
Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed CrunchNOMilk
Sugar-Free Hard CaramelsNOMilk
Sugar-Free Caramel ChocolateNOMilk
Sugar-Free Caramel CoffeeNOMilk
Sugar-Free AssortedNOMilk
Sugar-Free Chewy CaramelsNOMilk
Sugar-Free Vanilla Chewy CaramelsNOMilk


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