Are Twisties Vegetarian and Halal?

Are you a fan of twisties? If you need to figure out what they are, they’re a popular snack made from corn, flour, and other ingredients. And the big question on everyone’s mind is, are they vegetarian and Halal?

In this blog post. I will take a closer look at the used ingredients in twisties and see if they meet the requirement for being vegetarian. We will also explore why someone might want to know if twisties are vegetarian. So let’s get started!

About Twisties & Their ingredients

As the name suggests, twisties are a type of snack that involves twisting two pieces of dough together. The dough is then fried or baked, and the resulting snack is usually enjoyed with a dip.

Although the exact origins of twisties are unknown, it is believed that the snack originated in Australia. Today, twisties are enjoyed around the world and are available in a variety of flavors.

The most common ingredients in twisties: are flour, water, salt, milk, acids, and oil. However, other ingredients may be added to the dough depending on the desired flavor, such as cheese, spices, or herbs.

Are Twisties Vegetarian?

The answer is all flavors of Twisties are vegetarians except Twisties chicken, which contains “Chicken Fat,” derived from chicken.

So, for those who are saying twisties are not vegetarian because they contain cheese, I would say this another diet is a “Lacto-vegetarian diet,” which excludes dairy products instead of a vegetarian diet, excludes only meat and their derivatives.

Are Twisties Halal?

The answer is all flavors of Twisties are halal except Twisties chicken, which contains “Chicken Fat,” derived from chicken that may not fit the requirement of halal chicken. So, it is better to avoid this flavor.

Final Thought

Twisties are vegetarian except for one flavor that contains chicken fat, which is Twisties Chicken. What matters most is that we now know the non-vegetarian ingredients used to make non-vegetarian flavors, so it is up to you to choose what flavors will fit your needs.

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