Are Town House Crackers Vegan?

Town House Crackers is one of the most known brands of Crackers in us. Most US us grew up eating like those crackers. But each of us now follows a specific diet plant. Which makes us ask if fits our needs. Should I include them in my current diet as a vegan? Is it vegan?

If you are wondering whether it is suitable or not stay with me, I will cover all information you need about Crackers Town House.

Town House Crackers Is a brand of the Keebler Company, it is an American company that used to make crackers and cookies. Established in 1853, it has created a variety of baked snacks and featured the Keebler Elves in its marketing.

The answer is the Town House Crackers Original is considered vegan friendly. but the other flavors such as Pita, Dippers, Flipsides, and Flatbread are not vegan. However, they do contain whey which is not vegan, and other components such as sugar and Lactic acid, which are gray-area that some vegans avoid. Personally, I’m okay with sugar & lactic acid.

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