Are Tim Tams Halal Certified? Arnott’s Biscuit White, Dark, Original, Butterscotch

Many are wondering if they can include various snack types in their diet. Recently, I received many questions regarding Arnott Tim Tams, one of the beloved Australian biscuits. However, if you are here, you may have the same question: Are They Halal Certified? So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

About Tim Tams and Their Ingredients

Tim Tams & Their Flavors

Tim Tams is a sweety chocolate biscuit brand offered by Arnott’s. The company headquarters is located in Australia. 

They consist of biscuits that contain inside a coating of chocolate cream filling and are covered by chocolate on the outside. 

This Biscuit comes in various flavors, including

  • White
  • Chewy Caramel
  • Dark
  • Original
  • Butterscotch and Cream
  • Double Coat
  • Murry river Salted Caramel


They are made using – Sugar, Wheat, Vegetable Oil, Milk, Emulsifiers, Salt, Flavor, Baking Powder, and Colour. Additionally, some flavors contain questionable ingredients such as Cochineal & Alcohol.

I bolded some allergen ingredients, such as Wheat and Milk, to be aware that they have other allergen ingredients.

Are Tim Tams Halal Certified?

The answer is NO, and here’s why. Some flavors of Anatto’s Biscuit contain a forbidden component, Cochineal, derived from insects. As we all know, Muslims can not consume them. Additionally, Anatto has confirmed that all products contain 0,05% alcohol.

So, Tim Tams are haram and unsuitable for Muslims and halal diet. Including the UK, US, and Au

Note: Tim Tam biscuits made in Indonesia are halal-safe.

Final Thought

Indeed, Arnott’s Tim Tams are unsuitable for Muslims. They are made using forbidden ingredients, the Cochineal & Alcohol.

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