Are The Kratt Brothers Vegan or Vegetarian? The Wild Show Covered

The Kratt Brothers, Chris, and Martin, have carved a niche for themselves in the realm of children’s television. Their love for animals and innate ability to captivate young minds have led them to create a series of popular TV shows that simultaneously educate and entertain.

Who Are The Kratt Brothers?

Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt aren’t just siblings; they’re passionate zoologists dedicated to spreading their love for animals far and wide. Their journey began in 1993 when they established their production company, “Kratt Bros. Co.” Since then, they have graced our television screens in over 200 episodes spanning four successful shows: “Kratts’ Creatures,” “Zoboomafoo,” “Be the Creature,” and “Wild Kratts.”

But their roles aren’t confined to just being in front of the camera. They wear many hats – from directors and writers to wildlife cinematographers. Their genuine passion and knowledge are evident in every episode, making them beloved figures among children and parents alike.

Apart from their shows, they have also created a brand that sells various products, ranging from toys to clothing. This move has expanded their reach, allowing fans to carry a piece of the Kratt Brothers’ world with them.

Are The Kratt Brothers Vegan?

The answer was challenging for me, but it is clear now! They are not vegans. But “The Kratt Brother’s work” is vegan-friendly. 

Would you like to know how or why? Their shows emphasize the importance of treating animals with kindness and understanding. While this doesn’t directly translate to veganism, it embodies the spirit of advocating for animal rights and protection. As stated on the SOUNDVEGAN website, it’s not about moral absolutes. Every step towards understanding and respecting animals counts. Whether someone is a full-fledged vegan or just starting their journey, the essence lies in the intent and effort.

Are The Kratt Brothers Vegetarian?

The Kratt Brothers lean more towards vegetarianism. They abstain from consuming meat and its derivatives. However, they do occasionally include fish in their diet, making their vegetarian stance not so strict.

Are The Wild Kratt Vegan?

“Wild Kratts” is an educational show that fosters a love for wildlife and emphasizes conservation’s importance. While the show isn’t explicitly about veganism, its underlying principles resonate with the ethos of treating animals with respect and understanding their intrinsic value in our ecosystem.

To label “Wild Kratts” as vegan or non-vegan would be missing the point. It’s a show designed to educate, inspire, and inculcate a sense of wonder about the natural world. And in doing so, it indirectly fosters the principles that many vegans hold dear: respect, compassion, and understanding for all living beings.

Wild Kratts Show
Wild Kratts Show Image

Final Thoughts

The Kratt Brothers have, over the years, become synonymous with wildlife education on television. Their unique blend of entertainment and education has made them household names. While they might not strictly adhere to veganism or vegetarianism, their work has undoubtedly paved the way for a deeper understanding and appreciation of animals among their viewers.

Their contribution to wildlife education, conservation, and fostering a sense of empathy and respect for animals cannot be understated. And in many ways, this aligns closely with the principles that vegans around the world advocate for.