Are Swizzels Fruity Pops Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten Free?

Are Swizzels Fruity Pops Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten Free? I get quite often this question since Swizzels Fruity Pops is one of the most well-known fruity lollies in the world. and it has different flavors including strawberry, lemon, orange, and blackcurrant. Each one is wrapped in a colorful wrapper depending on flavor.

As a vegan, I’m addicted to lollies for that I need to know All about Swizzels Fruity Pops whether vegan or not, this article will be your full guide also to know about it.

So, Let’s find out! Before answering the question let us see which ingredients are Swizzels Fruity Pops Contain.

Swizzels Fruity Pops Ingredients:

According to the Swizzels website Fruity Pops is made of the following ingredients:

Are Swizzels Fruity Pops Vegan?

The answer without further ado is YES. According to the Swizzels website, Swizzels Fruity Pops are vegan-friendly since doesn’t contain any animal ingredients.

So, as vegan Swizzels Fruity Pops are suitable for you

If you’re a strict vegan you might wonder why even sugar listed between ingredients Swizzels remains vegan, the answer is that the used sugar is not filtred with bone char which makes it also vegan friendly.

Are Swizzels Fruity Pops Halal?

As explained above Fruity Pops doesn’t contain any animal ingredients, which means that haram ingredients don’t exist. So, are halal & suitable for Muslims.

Don’t forget always to double-check the label ingredients to make sure that are fit your halal diet

Are Swizzels Fruity Pops Gluten Free?

Swizzels Fruity Pops certified gluten-free, there is no trace of gluten also are processed by manufactory that doesn’t handle gluten. which makes it suitable & safe for persons allergic to gluten

Are Swizzels Fruity Pops Vegetarian?

Fortunately, Fruity Pops is vegetarian, there is no trace of any derived animal ingredients which makes it suitable for a vegetarian diet.


Indeed, Swizzels Fruity Pops is Vegetarian, Vegan, Coeliac, Halal, and Gluten-free.


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