Are Smarties Halal? Explained!

Muslims keep wondering “Are Smarties Halal UK & US?” since are well-known tablet candies worldwide. the smarties tablets come which different flavors and colors which are Red, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink, brown, and orange.

Are Smarties Halal?

The answer is YES & NO!

All US Smarties are Halal. According to the smarties factory, all flavors do not contain any allergens ingredients or haram ingredients, which means that are certified by the company itself that is halal.

But UK smarties are not halal. According to UK smarties Factory, none of the flavors are certified halal because of digestive enzymes (For handling milk) that are definitely made from pigs. Also, a lot of website claims that Uk smarties might cross-contaminate alcohol.

Final Thought

Smarties US are Halal, they are made without using any haram ingredients, But UK smarties are haram. both answers are claimed from the official websites


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