Are Reese’s Halal or Haram? Fully Explained!

As a Muslim, I was wondering too if “Are Reese’s Halal?” because is one of the best PIECES Peanut Butter Candies that are made with the following ingredients

Partially defatted peanuts; Sugar; Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil [Palm Kernel Oil; Soybean Oil]; Corn Syrup Solids; Dextrose; Reduced Protein Whey (Milk); Contains 2% or less of Palm Kernel Oil; Salt; Vanillin, Artificial Flavor; Soy Lecithin.

So, Are Reese’s Halal? Here’s The Answer

According to Hershey Company Reese’s Pieces chocolate cups is halal certified. Also, all used ingredients do not contain any animal byproducts except Milk.

Final Thought

So, Reese’s is halal & Suitable for Muslims since is made using only halal components as they confirmed


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