Is Push Pops Vegan?

Navigating the world of treats as a vegan can sometimes feel like a minefield. With a plethora of options on the shelves, it’s crucial to ensure our candy choices align with our commitment to a vegan lifestyle. Today, let’s delve into the question: Are Push Pops vegan?

What are Push Pops?

Push Pops are a type of candy that have been a favorite amongst children and adults alike since their introduction in the late 1980s. Manufactured by Topps, they consist of a flavored lollipop contained within a plastic tube. The innovative design allows consumers to “push” the lollipop up for consumption and “pop” it back in when they wish to save the rest for later. But let’s dive a little deeper. What makes a Push Pop?

For the uninitiated, a Push Pop might seem like a straightforward concoction of sugar and flavorings. However, behind that colorful facade lies a carefully crafted blend of ingredients. The primary ingredients include sugar, glucose syrup, buffered lactic acid, and a variety of artificial flavors and colors. The simplicity of these ingredients might suggest that Push Pops are inherently vegan. But are they really?

Another key aspect of Push Pops is the diversity in their product line. There are several varieties available, including Jumbo Candy, Jumbo Lollipop, Hard Candy, and SliderZ. Each variant has a unique flavor profile and ingredient composition, which can complicate the question of vegan compatibility. And then there’s the newcomer: the Push Pops Gummy Rolls, a departure from the traditional lollipop format. So, how do these various types of Push Pops stack up for vegans?

Push Pops Common Used Ingredients List

Here’s a rundown of the common ingredients found in the different types of Push Pops:

  1. Sugar: This is the main ingredient in Push Pops, providing that sweet taste we all love. Sugar is typically plant-based, deriving from either sugarcane or beets.
  2. Glucose Syrup: This ingredient, often derived from corn, helps to give the candy its unique texture and sweetness.
  3. Buffered Lactic Acid: This acidulant helps to provide the tart flavor found in many candies. Lactic acid can be plant-based, but it can also be derived from milk. However, in the context of candy, it is typically plant-derived.
  4. Artificial Flavors and Colors: These ingredients are synthetic and help give Push Pops their vibrant colors and distinct flavors. While these are typically vegan, they can sometimes be controversial due to potential health concerns.
  5. Glycerin & Mono-and Diglycerides: These are found in the Gummy Rolls variety. Glycerin can be derived from plants or animals, and mono- and diglycerides can be sourced from both fats and oils, making it tricky to ascertain their vegan status without specific information from the manufacturer.

Is Push Pops Vegan?

The answer is Yes. Certain types of Push Pops are vegan, but not all.

The Jumbo Candy, Jumbo Lollipop, Hard Candy, and SliderZ variants do not contain any explicitly non-vegan ingredients. As far as we can determine from the ingredients list, these four types of Push Pops can be considered vegan-friendly.

However, it’s a different story with the Gummy Rolls. The presence of glycerin and mono- and diglycerides raises a red flag. Without explicit confirmation from the manufacturer, it’s safe to assume that these could be animal-derived, making the Gummy Rolls variant unsuitable for vegans.

It’s also worth noting that while the sugar, glucose syrup, buffered lactic acid, and artificial flavors and colors used in the vegan-friendly variants are technically plant-based, the production processes may not always align with strict vegan principles. For instance, some sugar manufacturers use bone char in their refining process, which would be a concern for vegans. However, without specific details from the manufacturer, it’s impossible to confirm this.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while certain types of Push Pops – namely the Jumbo Candy, Jumbo Lollipop, Hard Candy, and SliderZ – appear to be vegan-friendly based on their ingredient lists, the Gummy Rolls variant poses potential issues due to the presence of glycerin and mono-and diglycerides. Therefore, as a vegan, it’s advisable to stick to the confirmed vegan-friendly variants, unless and until there is clarity from the manufacturer about the Gummy Rolls.

However, it’s always best for vegans to reach out to the manufacturer directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Companies can and do change their recipes and suppliers, which can affect the vegan status of their products. So, always do your due diligence before indulging in any sweet treat, including Push Pops.