Are Push Pops Gluten Free? Explained

Are Push Pops Gluten Free? is a frequently asked question that people allergic to gluten need to know about this best-selling lollipop brand. So, this article will be your guide to identifying which flavors & varieties are gluten-free.

Let’s Find Out!

Are Push Pops Gluten Free? Here’s The Answer

the answer is that there is only one flavor that is not gluten-free (contains gluten) since it contains wheat. According to the Push Pops allergen statement of the Company “Push Pops Gummy Rolls” is not suitable for those who have an allergy to gluten since it contains wheat.

The other flavors are considered gluten-free since they don’t have any allergen statement which means that are free from any kind of gluten.

So, the flavors that are free from gluten are “Push Pops Jumbo Candy“, “Push Pops Jumbo Lollipop“, “Push Pop Hard Candy“, and “Push Pop SliderZ“.


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