Are Popeye Candy Sticks Halal or Haram? Fully Explained

Owing to the fact that Muslims need to avoid haram candies, but you need sometimes to have snack candy on some occasions, that is why a lot wonder “Are Popeye Candy Sticks Halal or Haram?”

Let’s Start by listing the ingredients first, Popeye Candy Sticks are made based on the following ingredients:

Sugar, Corn Starch, Glucose Syrup, Tapioca, Gelatin, Artificial Flavors.

So, Are Popeye Candy Sticks Halal? Here’s The Answer

Sadly, Popeye Candy Sticks are Haram, Since there’s no information despite the fact that Popeye Candy Sticks have beef or pork gelatin. Sounvegan confirms that not halal since the commonly used gelatin is almost sourced from Pork. So, as Muslims, you need to avoid this candy.

Final Thought

Popeye CaPopeye Candy Sticks are not suitable for Muslims because are made using gelatin ingredients. The brand doesn’t confirm that the used gelatin is sourced from beef which means that is sourced from Pork. Note well that the vast majority of used gelatin is sourced from pork.

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