Are Premium Saltines & Soup Oyster Crackers Vegan and Gluten Free? Salted, Unsalted, Whole Wheat

Every day, millions look for Saltines Crackers to enjoy as a snack while watching movies or playing video games. Year after Year, they become one of the best-selling and first-consumed snacks. Today we will look further at one of the best brands owned by Nabisco, which is Premium Crackers.

Many ask whether they meet some specific dietary requirement to enjoy them! That’s why you’re reading this blog post. And that’s why I wrote this short article. That will answer some questions regarding dietary statuses, such as Vegan, Gluten Free, and Healthy.

Let’s dive into a small intro and used ingredients first. Then I will answer all questions.

About Premium Crackers & Their Ingredients

Premium Crackers is a brand of Saltine crackers that are square in shape or round, produced by Nabisco. It is a delicious crunch, also known as Premium Plus. 

Those Crackers are light and crunchy complements for many dishes. They can be used as a snack or to make desserts.

They are available in different flavors, including Original, Unsalted, Salted, Fresh, Five Grain, and Whole Wheat.

The commonly used ingredients are Unbleached Enriched Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Yeast, Vitamins B1 & B2, Acids, Oil Palm & Canola, Salt, and Baking Soda.

Premium Crackers & Oyster Crackers Dietary Status

Are They Vegan & Vegetarian?

The answer is YES. All flavors of Premium Crackers are vegan and are free from derived animal ingredients, making them suitable for vegan, vegetarian-Friendly. Including Mini, Salted, Unsalted, Soup Oyster Crackers, and Whole Wheat

Are They Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately, Premium Crackers are made using wheat gluten-containing ingredients and contain Barley. FDA considers them among the most allergen components. So for those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, these crackers are unsuitable for you. Including Mini, Salted (Original), Soup Oyster Crackers, Unsalted, and Whole Wheat

Final Thought

Indeed, Premium crackers are vegan & vegetarian. But are unsuitable for those with gluten sensitivity.

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