Are Ortega Taco Shells Gluten Free & Vegan?

Are Ortega Taco Shells Gluten-Free & Vegan? I get asked this question quite often because Ortega Taco Shells are a well-known brand that is loved by many. Whether you follow a vegan or gluten-free diet or have dietary restrictions, it’s important to know if Ortega Taco Shells are safe to consume.

In this article, I will examine and answer all the questions you may have about Ortega Taco Shells, so you can enjoy them worry-free.

About Ortega Taco Shells & Its Ingredients

Ortega Taco Shells are a type of taco shell made from corn that becomes crispy and crunchy when cooked. They are used as a base for making tacos, which are a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a filling. However, the full ingredients list is as follows:

Yellow Corn Masa Flour (Yellow Corn Flour, Trace of Lime), High Oleic Canola Oil And/Or Corn Oil, Water, Salt

Are Ortega Taco Shells Vegan?

Yes, Ortega Taco Shells are vegan, as they do not contain animal-derived ingredients, making them a suitable option for those looking to enjoy tacos without animal-derived ingredients.

Are Ortega Taco Shells Gluten-Free?

Fortunately, Ortega Taco Shells are gluten-free, which is a great relief. Since corn is gluten-free, the shells don’t contain any gluten-containing ingredients, making them a safe option for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Final Thought

Ortega Taco Shells are both vegan and gluten-free, making them a versatile option for anyone looking to enjoy tacos without dietary restrictions.

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